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04 June 2010 @ 08:12 pm
I think it's the right time to talk about the community rules.

As you may have noticed the community rules are found at the sidebar. Maybe I should explain them a bit more in detail.

01. This is a community for the band V-last. and all topics posted in this community should be about this band. It's also okay to talk about their activities in other / former bands.

02. From time to time there can be very long post like lyrics etc. For those posts it's better to use a LJ-cut and to write some kind of review / explanation about what is under the cut. There are some reasons why pictures larger than 300x300 pixel should be under a cut as well. Most members see the entries with their friends pages and there can be some trouble with the layout. Please also use a LJ-cut when you post more than one picture. Not everyone wants to see the pictures.

03. Scans and other media (blog pictures, videos, comments, previews, graphics...) have to be friends locked. If you want to see such things in this community you should become a member.

04. I want you to support the band and one of the best supports is to buy their CD's. Not everyone has the possibility to buy their CD's but there are other platforms for that. Comment DVD's are an exception, because it's often difficult to get that rare stuff.

05. Rule 04 is the main reason for rule 05. If someone wants to share something, it's welcomed, but no one has to do so. It's okay to ask for pictures, most of them don't cost money.

06. Please credit graphics / media and don't hotlink or repost scans / media. The people who bring that stuff to our community put work and maybe money into it. They deserve the honor.

Maybe you noticed that some of the rules are new. (04-06) I think the new rules are also necessary.

If I ask you to change something of your post you don't have to delete it. Just change it within a day and everything is fine.
If you don't, I give you a deadline before I delete the post. That deadline depends on your activity on LJ. That means, if I notice you were online and ignored me it's shorter.

If there is a post breaking rule 04 it's going to be deleted immediately. I will only warn you once. That's the same for reposting scans / media. I won't approve that a second time and you will be banned from the community.

I really think our community has good members and that I will never have to ban someone.
Nobody is perfect and everyone can forget a LJ-cut or a friendslock. So don't worry to much about that. ^^